This article can help you a lot if you are tired of being single, sick of staying at home watching the late night show, exhausted from hoping that the guy you dated five days ago will call you or not. Being the unforgettable date can definitely turn your luck around and what’s more awesome is that this is not as hard as you think it is.

Being the unforgettable date requires only one thing and that is being comfortable with yourself. You can’t expect for your dream boy to be comfortable with you if you can’t be at ease with yourself. So how do you begin to be comfortable with yourself? Well, this is what I did during my college days -I self talk! I look at my reflection in the mirror and said “Ruth, if you can’t like yourself, don’t expect that other people will do the same.” Then I continued by staring at myself and said “I will never allow these flaws to get in my way.

I am perfect as I am- flaws and all” I do this as much as I can to truly internalize it. Simple to do yet it ridiculously worked. Now that I had that settled, being the unforgettable date is as easy 1-2-3. If the guy you have been eyeing on for the longest time has finally asked you out, the first thing that you should do is to relax.

Don’t let the pressure take- over you and don’t let the excitement overwhelm you too much. You need to think, it’s hard to choose the right wardrobe if you can’t stop yourself from being too giddy all the time. We all know that wearing the perfect clothes is essential. Clothes are all about balance- not too covered and not too bare.

You have to be comfortable in it and at the same time it should complement your features and your assets. It doesn’t need to be expensive but it has to be make you feel like a million dollar. When it comes to make- up, remember, less is always more. Now, let us go to the fundamentals of being the unforgettable date.

Being fun and spontaneous is also important. Try to get some laughs because it releases feel good hormones. Having some laughs can definitely seal the deal for a second date. It’s best that you loosen up, don’t be too conscious and try to listen to your date, pay attention. Know what interest him so you know when to be witty and be funny.

Also don’t forget to be sensitive and to mind your manners. It also helps a lot to be sensible or know what you are talking about. So be sure to feed your noodle with sensible ideas. Keep in mind that substance is sexy. What men find irresistible are women who are not afraid to be an individual, not afraid to be themselves.

How to be a great date is all about feeling good and having fun. Think and feel that you are perfect as you are and you will be on your way to be his unforgettable date.

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Be His Unforgettable Date Ever!
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