Chemistry in Relationships ~ Understanding How it Changes With Time

If you are in a relationship you may worry about the changes that chemistry in relationships can undergo. Everyone has heard the running jokes told by comedians that when the ring went on the finger, the heat went off in the bedroom. This is simply not the case. Having a loving and committed relationship can lead to better chemistry, hotter sex and deeper intimacy than you could ever believe possible.

Chemistry in relationships is not always easy to maintain. If you work at it though, and keep the lines of communication open you can establish a high level of closeness. Women feel like they can only truly relax and let loose in bed when they are with a committed partner who loves and accepts them. The last thing they want is to let free with someone who is going to judge or criticize them. For women, commitment is the best way to improve chemistry in relationships.

In order to understand your woman's body language you need to know that a woman's body rhythms vary quite a bit from day to day. They may not be aware of how much their hormones and their emotions enter into their attitude towards sex and intimacy at any given moment. Scientists have found out that as a woman gets closer to her fertile period every month, she tends to feel sexier and more attractive. There will be a definite increase in positive chemistry.

If you learn your woman's cycle and start watching her for signs that she is experiencing this increase in sexual feelings, you can often use this time to establish good chemistry with her. There are also a few times when chemistry in relationships can be altered drastically. The most notable of these is during the time immediately after a woman has had a baby.

After a woman has had a baby their mate should anticipate that the chemistry in relationships is naturally going to change. Suddenly a woman's focus may shift and she may be focused on providing for her child. This is natural and normal and a man should not feel threatened by this. In time, as the man continues to support and provide for his woman's emotional and physical needs, there will be a return to the chemistry they had before the baby came along.

In order to have a happy and healthy relationship you should be willing to admit that chemistry in relationships often changes as you go through the different periods and stages in your life together. You should not feel that because the chemistry you share with your partner has changed, that it is not as good as it once was. Different is not necessarily bad.

Chemistry in relationships are like living things in a way. They must be tended and nurtured and if you do this, it can bring you much joy in your life. By working at establishing good chemistry (over and above the natural chemistry that drew you and your partner together) you can form the basis of a wonderful and long lasting relationship.

Article by Amy Wells
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