Many women go through long dating stages that make some of them lose hope in frustration. However, you can influence your boyfriend to commit to you only, and the process is easier than you imagine. It is very important for you to know these measures given the high number of men who seem to enjoy the dating process so much so that they let the stage go on endlessly. Unfortunately, this is something that creates a lot of frustration for many of us, as we naturally would like to see our friendships go to the next level where we walk down the aisle with our guys.

Here are some of the things you can do in order to encourage your boyfriend to commit. The trick is to make him think of the idea on his own. All you will do is to plant the seed in his mind without making it seem that this is your own idea.

Understand his way of thinking

In order for you to succeed in planting the seed of marriage in your boyfriend's mind, you should first of all have a good understanding of how he thinks. One of the things that men hate is to be pressurized into issues, particularly with women. This means that if you raise the issue of marriage, you will just make your boyfriend become defensive. He will resist your advances quite strongly, and if this goes on for some time, the resultant friction will erode your relationship.

Think about yourself

If you want to encourage your boyfriend to commit, you should not focus on him but on yourself. Make your own independent plans that he is not a part of at all. Men are hardly attracted to women who are always dependent on them. Hence you need to demonstrate your independence and you will be more appealing to your boyfriend.

If you keep talking about your hopes of the future, you will just be doing what he expects of you. It is when you stop any such talks that you will arrest his attention, and he will be interested in taking your friendship to the next level.

Useful Steps in Encouraging Your Boyfriend to Commit

Watch your attitude

The way you behave matters a lot if you would like to encourage your boyfriend to consider asking for your hand in marriage. Nothing that you do is too insignificant to count in influencing your guy in one way or the other. For instance, if you are too dramatic through an excessive show of emotions, the man is not likely to consider marrying you.

You should be a fairly simple and happy individual if you want to win the favor of your man. Of course, you should not go to the extreme opposite and stop showing your feelings in any way. Control is the key. This will make you earn his respect and admiration.

In a nutshell, if your company makes the man uncomfortable in some way, you should not expect to win his heart.

Article by: Chris J. Roberts

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